Compass Collectables provides a comprehensive help guide with easy to follow step by step instructions on all the main features including activation, copying records & creating new layouts. If you have a question, suggestion or need additional help with any of the features email the support team.


Compass Collectables allows you to view your records in two different formats. The first format is a list view for easy searching for the record you want. The second is a form view with a larger image area.
List View
List View
Form View
Form View

Collection Specific Fields

Compass Collectables has specific field setups for the following collections. For detailed information on each collection type, follow the links below:

Filtering, Grouping & Searching

The filtering function works very similar way to using Microsoft Excel. Columns can be filtered to fit within your set criteria e.g. you may only want to view items that are from Antarctica.

Grouping lets you arrange your records in a folder like structure by common data. A common way to group Bank Notes would be by Country then by Currency providing a folder like structure where you could open a country then view all the Currencies for that country; then you could open the currency folder to view the records.

Layout changing/saving

The layout can be modified to best suit your needs. You can hide the fields that are not applicable to your collection, change the order in which the fields appear and then save this template as the default for the future.

Advanced Record Copying

Advance record copying allows you to duplicate a records data into a new record. It also allows you to setup a default copy rule so that you only copy the information that is relevant for your new records. Great for when you are adding many similar records.

Drop Down Data Lists

Drop down data lists are user definable drop down lists for easy data insertion. Many fields use the same values repeatedly e.g. country, status, material & currency. By using a drop down data list you can add values that are used frequently to the list making it quicker and easier to add information.


This software comes with support for one year, allowing you to upgrade to any new versions in this time FREE of charge. Also, e-mail support is provided for any problems you may encounter.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10 all versions
Windows 8 all versions
Windows 7 all versions
Windows Vista all versions
Windows XP all versions