Stamps & First Day Covers Features

Compass Collectables Stamps & First Day Covers module has a great selection of specific fields to keep track of all the your collection details.

The fields are:
  • Acquired From
  • Catalog Value
  • Comments
  • Date Sold
  • Gum Condition
  • Issue Start Date
  • Overprint
  • Price Sold
  • Status
  • Watermark
  • Cancellation
  • Category
  • Country
  • Denomination
  • Height
  • Location
  • Perforation
  • Quantity
  • Title
  • Width
  • Catalog Ref
  • Centering
  • Date Acquired
  • Grade Comments
  • Issue End Date
  • Material
  • Price Paid
  • Series
  • Type

Some Of The Features

Filtering & Searching

Columns in the list may be filtered (in the same way to using excel). This allows you to show only records that meet your criteria (eg only Stamps & First Day Covers from 1986), making it easy to find what you want.

Grouping lets you arrange your records in a folder like structure by common data. A common way to group Stamps & First Day Covers would be by Country then by Denomination providing a folder like structure where you could open a Country then view all the Denominations for that Country; then you could open the Denomination folder to view the records.

Layout changing/saving

Show or Hide fields, change their order in both the list and the form view. This layout may then be saved for future use.

Advanced Record Copying

Copy record allows you to duplicate a records data into a new record. It also allows you to setup a default copy rule so you only copy the information you want. Great for when you are adding many of the same type of records.

Drop Down Data Lists

Drop down data lists are user definable drop down lists for easy data insertion. Many fields use the same values repeatedly e.g. Country, Denomination and Overprint. By using a drop down data list you can add values that are used frequently to the list making it quicker and easier to add information.

Web Site Creation

Compass Collectables allows you to easily design and maintain a website of your collection that you can share with your friends. Once you have added your collection to Compass Collectables a website can be created by following just a few easy steps.

Some features of the website include:
  • Many different color schemes and layouts to choose from
  • Upload images of your collection
  • Ability to only publish the information you want e.g. prevent fields like price paid from being published
  • Ability to watermark your images
  • Your own subdomain e.g.

Below are a couple of sites created using Compass Collectables:
German Notgeld and World Bank Notes
Australian Pennies

Screen Shots

List View

List View Image for Stamps & First Day Covers

Form View

Form View Image for Stamps & First Day Covers